Our Specialty:

Impact Work

Stories can change the world when they reach the right people at the right time.
This is our specialty.

Case Study - Burned

In 2023, we released “Burned: Protecting the Protectors” with our own DIY impact campaign and distribution model. It was risky and new territory, but we gave it a shot. 

The results were extraordinary.

This was a film designed as a public service announcement for all firefighters. Our partners included the International Firefighter Union, the Last Call Foundation, community advocates and dozens of firefighters. We also spent months creating a training document to accompany screenings with details on the subject, what people can do, and how to run a successful event with this film.

In just 9 months, we helped run over 1500 screenings across the globe. Several key events we joined included Notre Dame University, the Boston State House, and a Congressional screening in DC.

Our film was the educational flagship for an international reform campaign to protect millions of first responders from toxic chemicals, catalyzing policy change and countless lawsuits. So many firefighters and their family members send us personal thank you notes.

We are committed to giving this film to every firefighter for free, so we offered an optional payment system with a sliding scale. To our surprise, this brought some decent funding back to our team. This reinforces that our efforts can serve a strong moral purpose while still paying the bills.


  Campaign Summary:


  • Educated thousands of firefighters, family, researchers and lawmakers.
  • Premiered with over 2,000 firefighters at a leadership training event.
  • Awarded “Excellence in Communication” by the National Academies.
  • Media spots included: Forbes, Wall Street Journal, People and more.
  • Kickstarted dozens of lawsuits, policy reform and new legislation.
  • Inspired a historic labor union to make huge changes.
  • Raised funds for our team to continue.