Our Core Team

Elijah Yetter-Bowman and Mark Ruffalo standing together on the set of GENX: The Saga of Forever Chemicals

Elijah Yetter-Bowman, Founder

Award-winning storyteller & filmmaker Elijah Yetter-Bowman (they/them) grew up in Wilmington, North Carolina as a curious problem solver.  They attended UNC Chapel Hill to pursue a career in public health but saw that most complex issues lacked creative communication. They founded Ethereal Films to help solve problems with media, storytelling, and impact campaigns. Their work focuses on interdisciplinary action to address major social issues. Their work has been featured in Forbes, the Wall Street Journal and Telegram.

Sammy Bauer, Producer

Sammy (they/them) has a Master of Public Administration (MPA) and a BA in Communications from UNC. An educator at heart, Sammy focuses on accessibility and accuracy our projects. They also serve as a Community Education Coordinator for a local government where they teache folks how to not pollute their local watersheds. They were awarded the 2023 Southern Producer Fellowship for the film GenX: The Saga of Forever Chemicals and named a ‘Kentucky Colonel’ in 2022. In their spare time you can find Sammy crafting, running workshops for children or cuddling with cats.


Yuma Kobayash, Associate Producer

Yuma (he/they) has worked freelance for film sets since graduating from UNC-Chapel Hill in 2020, championing the arts as a means for making social progress in realms of environmentalism, mutual aid, workers’ rights, and social justice. A staunch advocate for community empowerment, he spends his free time making things worth sharing, whether they be screenplays, poetry, or bread.



Morgan Flynt, Executive Producer

Morgan (she/they) is an environmental advocate and filmmaker in her final year of graduate studies at UNC Chapel Hill. She is skilled in water quality, conservation, and environmental policy, as well as grant writing and evaluation. Morgan is excited to join the Ethereal Films team and use her skills and experience to produce films that educate and inspire people about the environment. In her free time, she can be found spending time with her cat, Larry, caring for her collection of about 150 plants, volunteering at a community garden, or writing about how trains can change the world.

Morgan headshot

Sidney Hipp, Science Communicator

Sidney (she/her) is a sophomore studying at UNC Chapel Hill. She is pursuing a BS in Environmental Science with a concentration in natural resources and ecology, as well as a minor in Biology. Sidney is passionate about both science and the creative arts. She looks forward to combining her interests with Ethereal Films to create environmental and social change! She is excited to learn from and collaborate with this incredible team!



Current Interns

Emma Johnson

Emma (she/her) is a sophomore at UNC Chapel Hill studying Earth & Planetary Science and English & Comparative Literature. She grew up in Wilmington, North Carolina, developing a fascination for the interaction between people and their environments, as well as a passion for authentic storytelling. She is excited to learn from the Ethereal team!
Emma Johnson - Intern

Lucy Kraus

Lucy Kraus (she/her) is a sophomore majoring in Environmental Science at UNC-Chapel Hill. She is originally from Durham, North Carolina. After her first year of college, Lucy spent a year doing volunteer work aimed at preventing catastrophic wildland fires on the West Coast. In her free time, Lucy enjoys hiking, traveling, and reading. 

Past Interns

Spring 2023 – Taylor Holbrooks & Kaya Johnson, UNC CH

Most of 2022 – Ashton Webb (and temporarily our amazing impact producer)

Fall 2022 – Samantha Hoffman & Sidney Hipp, UNC CH

Summer 2022 – Ella Luebe & Heather Hough, UNC CH

Spring 2022 – Kelawni Hansquine, UNC CH

Summer 2021 – Crystal Silva & Sofia Alba, UNC CH