Latest Projects

Burned (2023)

The true story of how the spouse of a firefighter revealed exposure to forever chemicals affecting the fire community.

Angel of Alabama (2022)

This project highlights the tremendous efforts spearheaded by one woman from rural Alabama, Brenda Hampton.

In Progress

POST production

GenX: The Saga of Forever Chemicals

Seven years in the making, this film offers light in a bleak situation to solve an insidious problem roughly 70 years old. GenX is a story of community strength, love and hope.


POST production

The Bowl

An eclectic team of high school students compete to answer the toughest moral questions. Their journey and sense of community gives us a roadmap for what humanity is truly capable of.


In production

Will Made The Woods

A young migrant celebrates planting over one and a half million trees but is unsure of what to do next. In his quest to live a life of harmony and community, he becomes the sole employee at a small family farm.

pre production

Gluten Freedom

Gluten Freedom is a cry for help for the many of us who can’t share in the most fundamental tradition: eating. This project will elevate years of research from the leading experts at Harvard Medical School.

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Some of our projects available online on our YouTube channel. Other works are kept private for now, sorry!