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Angel of Alabama

Current Feature Film

GenX: The Saga of Forever Chemicals

A documentary about the worst pollution crisis in world history.

This feature-length film is a collaborative effort between filmmakers, expert scientists, attorneys and an incredible force of community activists across the US. The film began in 2017 when our team learned that a few corporate powers had directly poisoned our hometown for more than forty years. After months of research, we learned that their pollution was actually affecting nearly every corner of the planet. This film offers light in a bleak situation to solve an insidious problem roughly 70 years old.
GenX is a story of community strength, love and hope.

Burned (2022)

This documentary shares a critical message for every member of the Fire Service.

We produced this in collaboration with Footpath Pictures and Last Call Foundation.

To see the film, please use the button below.

A firefighter stands in front of a large structure fire in protective gear.
Brenda Hampton, photo by Birmingham Magazine

Angel of Alabama (2022)

This project is highlighting the tremendous efforts spearheaded by one woman from rural Alabama, Brenda Hampton. Her efforts have brought change to her local communities and rippled on a global level. Brenda was named a 2019 “Women Who Shape the State” by Birmingham Magazine.

Brenda has directly served her community dealing with extreme environmental injustice by providing clean water, food, medical supplies and virtually any resources needed. In addition, her advocacy has leveraged fast-food giants like McDonalds and Wendy’s to voluntarily transition to environmentally cleaner products with direct calls-to-action.

This is made possible in part by the Southern Exposure Fellowship and the Southern Environmental Law Center.

“Living in a Pandemic"

A mini series on experiences throughout COVID-19

Part ONe

A Restaurant Owner

A restaurant and bar owner in Chapel Hill, North Carolina grapples with the sudden change. The government mandates mean she must suddenly become part-grocer, part-takeout store. She is rattled but optimistic and motivated by the support of her community and the obligation to maintain her livelihood.

Part Two

A Co-Op Grocer

Weaver Street Market is a cultural and essential foothold for the communities it serves. A grocery store that prides itself on serving for local and by local – suddenly wrestles with urgent needs. They are pragmatic and hasty in an attempt to keep up with the shifting demands.


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