Coming 2024


A young migrant celebrates planting over one and a half million trees but is unsure of what to do next. In his quest to live a life of harmony and community, he becomes the sole employee at a small family farm.

The Story

Take a moment and look around you. How many wood products can you see? Maybe the table where you’re sitting, the floor beneath your feet, or the beams carrying the walls. Perhaps you have a notebook nearby or you’re sipping coffee from a to-go cup. Where does that wood come from?

Every winter, seasonal tree planters across the country plant thousands of baby trees a day who may grow into your future chair, apartment, or book. In Will Made the Woods, we’re going to meet one of those tree planters.

This film is a love letter to the soil, the air, the waters who sustain us, and, of course, to Will. Will is exceptional in many ways – most folks aren’t the type to plant 5000+ trees a day, 6 days a week, for several months – but his tender care and consideration for the world can be accessible to all of us. We hope folks see glimpses of themselves in his quiet, seemingly mundane moments of connection. Along the way, we will showcase the hidden beauty of a seemingly dormant, autumnal farm. Will shows us impacts of two approaches to “managing” land: stewardship and extraction.

Will Made the Woods is told by southern storytellers. All footage is captured in rural areas of the Carolinas and Virginia.

Our Connection

We are passionate about telling stories that inspire and empower, and we believe that Will’s story is one that will do just that. His journey from solitary tree planter to community-minded farmer is a testament to the power of human connection and the importance of finding purpose in life.