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We produce media to improve our world.

We champion stories and lead an array of impact work to produce positive change across society.

Our stories help bridge gaps in communication between different groups and disciplines.

Help us share new ideas to better shape our time here.

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The true story of one person’s quest to understand decades of fire cancer.


A documentary and public service announcement for the entire Fire Service.


We tend to prioritize a few very large projects each year and several smaller projects on a regular basis. We are equipped for nearly any media needs, from podcasts to films.


We can film, produce, and edit just about anything you need - or any combination of these.

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Our consultations include storytelling, impact and more. Let us help you improve the world.


We are excited to help you finish your story. Special effects? Media restoration? We've got you.


We are driven by equity, justice and ideas that change the world for good.

Our passionate team is proudly based in Hillsborough, NC.

We produce and share media across all audio-visual arts.

Our specialty is sharing stories for real world change.

in production: feature doc

GenX: The Saga of Forever Chemicals

Upon discovering their hometown had been poisoned for decades, a chemistry student turns to filmmaking to address this contamination for the world. Exposing a chemical problem birthed from the Manhattan Project, this young scientist shows us that the tools to solve it are right within our grasp.